Here are a few of my current research projects.

Inclusive Fitness: 

Inclusive fitness is an influential framework in biology which is used to study the evolution of social behaviors, such as cooperative or altruistic behavior. There has recently been an intense debate over the status of the inclusive fitness framework. My work attempts to understand the explanatory value of inclusive fitness for evolutionary theory and where the disagreement in this debate lies.

Does Inclusive Fitness Save the Connection Between Rational Choice and Evolution?, working paper
The Debate over Inclusive Fitness as a Debate over Methodologies, Philosophy of Science 
Inclusive Fitness and the Problem of Honest Communication, BJPS. (with Justin Bruner)

Genetics in Evolutionary Game Theory: 

Evolutionary game theory is often viewed as a 'phenotypic' approach to studying evolution, meaning that models generally only take into account the observable traits of organisms (their phenotypes) and ignore possible effects of genetics. My research challenges the common, and often implicit, assumption that this ‘phenotypic gambit’ will be a safe bet in evolutionary game theoretic models.

Genetic Models in Evolutionary Game Theory: the Evolution of AltruismErkenntnis. 
The Phenotypic Gambit: Selective Pressures and ESS Methodology in Evolutionary Game TheoryBiology and Philosophy.

Formal Social Epistemology:

Using evolutionary game theory, my colleagues and I investigate issues related to diversity in academia.

Discrimination and Collaboration in Science, Philosophy of Science. (with co-author Cailin O’Connor)
Promoting Diverse Collaborations, forthcoming in The Dynamics of Science: Computational Frontiers in History and Philosophy of Science, edited by Grant Ramsey and Andreas De Block. (with Mike D Schneider and Cailin O'Connor)

Experimental Economics in Philosophy:

My colleagues and I have been using experimental methods from experimental economics to investigate philosophical questions. Currently, our research centers around the evolution of language and the emergence of inequity.

David Lewis in the Lab, Synthese. (with Justin Bruner, Cailin O’Connor, and Simon Huttegger)
Communication without the Cooperative Principle: A Signaling Experimentworking paper.  (with Justin Bruner, Cailin O’Connor, and Simon Huttegger)
Experimental Economics for Philosophers, forthcoming in Methodological Advances in Experimental Philosophy, edited by Eugen Fischer and Mark Curtis. (with Cailin O'Connor and Justin Bruner)
On the Emergence of Minority Disadvantage: Testing the Cultural Red King Hypothesis, working paper. (with Aydin Mohseni and Cailin O’Connor)